Google Voice Gains Its First Major Update Of This Year

Google has currently announced an all new and improved update for Google Voice. This is available for Android, iOS, and the web. This particular service has gone on to give a much- needed visual refresh, bringing it in line with all other Google apps.
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As per Google’s official blog post, the first change which you will notice after the update is a clearer, more intuitive design which will keep everything organized. Your inbox will also have separate tabs for text messages, calls, and voicemails. You will also notice that the conversations will stay in one continuous thread, hence you will be able to easily view all your messages from each of your contacts in one place.
The messaging experience has also been upgraded with support for group and photo MMS along with in-notification replies. In addition to this, Google has also introduced voicemail transcription for Spanish and will steadily go on to improve the accuracy.
Google, in its official blog, states,
“Going forward, we’ll provide new updates and features to the Google Voice apps. If you currently use Hangouts for your Google Voice communication, there’s no need to change to the new apps, but you might want to try them out as we continue to bring new improvements.”
The new update is now rolling out and it will soon be available to everyone in the upcoming weeks. For more information, check here.