Google Working On Chrome For Windows 8

Using this post you will get information about new version of Google Chrome.

As you know Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in Oct 2012. Windows 8 has many features. Microsoft build Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8. Mozilla will also launch new version of Firefox for Windows 8. According to latest news Google also working on Chrome for Windows 8. Google has reportedly confirmed that it's working on a version of Chrome that runs on the Metro UI of Windows 8. Google is developing a version of its Chrome for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.


Google building the new version of Chrome for Windows 8, which includes both the desktop and Metro versions of Windows 8. Google also confirmed that Chrome for Windows 8 will be optimized for touch support, enabling users to use Chrome on any Windows 8 tablets.  It will also be based on the desktop browser and support both regular desktop as well as Metro versions of the Windows 8. The desktop version should still have touch support, as Windows 8 can be used in all-in-one PCs and notebooks with a touch screen as well.