Google Zeitgeist Shares Top Trending Searches of 2012

Google today released its 2012 Zeitgeist, providing a global panoramic of the most popular searches in 2012 across various categories. The video also offers a nice recap of the year's biggest events around the world and beyond it.

Google searches totaled 1.2 trillion in 2012 across 146 languages. Below are some the top searches in their respective categories. 

Total searches: 
1. Whitney Houston
2. Gangnam Style
3. Hurricane Sandy

1. Hurricane Sandy
2. Kate Middleton Pictures Released
3. Olympics 2012

Consumer Electronics
1. iPad 3
2. Samsung Galaxy S3
3. iPad Mini
4. Nexus 7
5. Galaxy Note 2
6. Play Station
7. iPad 4
8. Microsoft Surface
9. Kindle Fire
10. Nokia Lumia 920

It's always amazing to see the Internet mirror and magnify big moments over the course of a year. With as much interest as there is in the future of computing technology and where it will end up relative to people and societies, it is particularly compelling to consider the current level of insight humanity can glean in the information age. For what it's worth, this would seem an ideal time to better understand ourselves in developing the world's next innovations. 


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