GrapeCity ActiveAnalysis Adds PDF Exporting, a Schema Editor, and Cloud Support

ActiveAnalysis offers all of the cutting edge features that developers need, with support for partial trust in Microsoft Azure and ASP.NET Medium Trust in both the Web and Silverlight versions.


Morrisville, NC - GrapeCity PowerTools today announced the availability of a new release of ActiveAnalysis 2 with a number of significant enhancements that include PDF exporting, a Schema Editor for visual schema creation, more aggregate functions, and more customization features. 

Supported in both Windows Forms and Silverlight PivotView controls, the new PDF export includes these end user features:


·         Encrypt exported PDF files with a password.

·         Control permissions for printing, copying, and screen readers.

·         Supply a title, author, subject and keywords.

·         Set page layout and print options.


The PDF export adds even more features for developers:


·         Hide individual Adobe Acrobat Reader UI elements upon opening the PDF document.

·         Set owner password, user password, and even 128 bit encryption for more permission options.

·         Create and add watermarks to the exported document.


This release also adds a Schema Editor with many time-saving features:


·         View query fields and schema fields in panes to intuitively understand the schema structure.

·         Drag fields into expression boxes to quickly create calculated fields.

·         Arrange fields in subfolders with the Display folder property.


ActiveAnalysis 2 is a .NET Analysis component that allows developers to rapidly embed out-of-the box OLAP, data visualization and Business Intelligence features using charts, pivot tables, and data visualization for Silverlight, Windows Forms, and

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