Guidelines for Blogging on C# Corner

Rules for Writing Blogs on C# Corner

The C# Corner Team has made great progress in improving the site.  Navigation has never been easier and we have opened up the site for all of your input in the form of forums, articles, and blogs.   In order to keep the content relevant to our readers, we ask that you follow a few simple rules when creating and posting to your blog.

Creating a Blog

When you create a blog,  please give the blog a title that is relevant to a topic in .NET technology.  Although we are encouraging freedom in posting blogs, we would like to keep the site targeted to our large programming community.  If you want to have a blog on your summer vacation, then Yahoo or Google would probably be a more appropriate place for your blog.   Below is a sample blog creation.  The blog title should have a topic of some sort in it.  Please don't title your blog with just your name, or HI or something completely irrelevant to the site.  Please also fill out a more detailed description of what is mentioned in your title and what you hope to accomplish through your blog.


Posting to a Blog

When posting to a blog,  please keep the information somewhat relevant to the topic of your blog.   This way the readers on C# Corner will go to your blog specifically looking for the information the title describes.  It's okay to have fun in your blog, but don't forget that the reader is expecting to read about the topic in the title of your blog.  The same rule holds true for others posting to your blog.

Inappropriate Content

Blogs will be moderated by C# Corner authors, so if we feel there is some inappropriate content in a particular blog, we will delete it.  Please use your own judgment here.  C# Corner prides itself on the freedom it gives to its authors to express their thoughts, but if you abuse it, we'll be forced to moderate or remove your blog.


Generally proofreading is reserved for articles,  for blogs we are not as strict.  However, if your blog is completely unreadable, we will remove it.  Please take time to go over your post (and edit your post) before submitting.  C# Corner has 1000's of readers, and any content you post reflects upon all authors of this site.  We ask that you take some care in what you print on this site.  If nothing else, make sure the title of your blog has no spelling or grammar errors.

Have Fun

These rules are not meant to restrict your creativity and knowledge on a topic.  Feel free to have fun with a .NET topic you are interested in. 

Why Blog?

If you are an expert in a particular topic, many people will look to your blog as a form of advice.  If you really know what you are talking about (and your blog reflects your knowledge), your blog will be popularly read and posted.  Here on C# Corner, we encourage you to answer questions on .NET topics or share your code with the community.   Just think of the number of times you googled for information on your job and found the answer in a blog or article that someone else posted.  This will give you the opportunity to enhance the knowledgebase of other struggling programmers out there.  It will also let people know what you are doing in .NET, so others can compare their experience with yours.