Hands On With Phone Based Login

This news emphasizes on the introduction of phone based login.

While logging into anything which requires a Microsoft Account, Microsoft's Authenticator app comes to your rescue. To skip the password entry part entirely, Microsoft has come up with a new phone sign-in feature.
Similar to Google’s sign in prompts, with Microsoft’s phone sign-in there is actually no need to type a password when signing on to Microsoft services. With the help of the settings menu, the Microsoft account in the app is enabled. To approve the login, you only need to enter your username and you'll receive a notification on your phone. If you want to enter this world, just tap approve. In order to safeguard against unauthorized login attempts, notifications come in handy. A unique code that works as a second authentication factor for OAuth logins also plays vital role as the app can create it.
If you have been separated from your phone, you can always switch back to your old password.