Harley-Davidson allows a glimpse at its new electric bicycles

Coming from a renowned brand and featuring a sleek design and premium aesthetics, the bike will likely stand out among its competitors.

Harley-Davidson is known as one of the world's top motorcycle manufacturers, typically releasing bikes known for their large engines and long-range cruising ability. However, the company made a splash a few years ago when it announced the surprising news that it was planning on releasing new electric vehicles as well.
Now, Harley-Davidson has just released images of their new electric bicycles. The vehicles are clean and polished looking, sporting matte uniform colors, and batteries sitting flush with the frame. 
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Prototype images of Harley-Davidson's new electric bicycles, coming in three different variants (photo courtesy of Harley-Davidson).
Harley-Davidson hasn't released specs yet, and no word on a specific release date. However, a spokesperson for the company stated that Harley-Davidson is “evaluating market opportunities and finalizing design details,” and that the bikes are likely to be released in 2020. Prototype versions of the bike made a debut at the 2019 EICMA Milan Motorcycle show. 
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