HCL release Android powered television

Using this news you get information about the Android TV launch by HCL.

HCL launch the next generation of their Roommate televisions designed specifically for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.


The new connected television runs apps on an Android platform, much like a smart phone would, to entertain and educate patients, visitors, and staff, said a official release.

The Android-powered televisions operate on an open platform and will run Android apps written for TV.

According to the release, developers, including healthcare facilities, can write their own Android applications to run on the televisions.

Healthcare facilities can also download Android apps for patients and visitors to use to provide education, entertainment and information.

How it works?

The applications are pushed to the TVs from a centralized location, giving the Hospital IT department not only the ability to control content but to seamlessly update firmware on all televisions at once.

The televisions also feature built-in WiFi and a whiteboard application designed to share messages with patients on their in-room television. Other features include Medicare integration, USB clone, and universal pillow speaker design.

HCL is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and has been a provider of education and entertainment solutions for healthcare for over 40 years.