HoloLens Turns One! Microsoft Celebrates

Microsoft celebrates as its HoloLens turns one. Also, the company thanks every developer and contributor of HoloLens Community who have had helped in bringing the mixed reality to life. Last year has been a remarkable journey for the company, and we saw over 150 exclusive mixed reality apps being launched in the Windows Store.
We also saw the launch of HoloLens in different parts of the world - Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, France, Germany, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States and shipping in China began before summer, and Microsoft expanded the promise of mixed reality by making it attainable for everyone.
Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow at Microsoft, states,
“Exactly 365 days ago, I was onstage at Microsoft’s annual Build conference with my dear friend and colleague Kudo Tsunoda. We had the once in a lifetime privilege of announcing on behalf of our teams that the first Microsoft HoloLens devices had officially begun shipping.”
In the past year, we saw the HoloLens community creating the following ideas, as stated in the official blog:
  • HoloGuide – an application that enables users to safely navigate a low-visibility environment (like a smoke-filled room) and avoid obstacles using HoloLens’ environmental awareness and spatial sound capabilities.
  • HoloHear – a real-time speech-to-sign-language interpreter for the deaf.
  • Teomirn – an app that teaches piano by overlaying holographic prompts and instructions over the keys of a real piano.
 Microsoft, Technical Fellow, Alex Kipman , has gone on to thank and congratulate all developers working with mixed reality. He states,
“To every developer who has a HoloLens and is working to create within the world of mixed reality, thank you for your passion and imagination. You are an inspiration to me and everyone on the team.”

Video Source: blogs.microsoft.com