How to convince your boss for sharepoint conference 2014

Details of Sharepoint Conference 2014, How to apply, how to convince boss for going to the conference.

SharePoint Conference
March 3-6, 2014
Las Vegas 

How to start approaching your manager / boss for an approval to the next years SharePoint conference SPC14. 

Microsoft is at its best when it comes to marketing :-) so you can bank on them in helping yourself to the go ahead for the SPC 2014 event at Las Vegas. 

Yes, they have come up with 100 compelling reasons, this reminds me of some of earlier day’s email forwards. 

100 reasons to attend conference

Let’s start with the positives first. Will make our manager hear cool things before heating up him with a budget of close to 5000$. 

We can start with saying that we will be ahead of our competitors in getting the latest from the conference and start demo's to our clients, can train our work force in the latest technological offerings that we got from the conference. The best place for lead building exercise and so on! Once your manager is turning his ears towards you in hearing more shoot this copy paste email from Microsoft again. 

Convince your boss

There is feast for everyone in the cycle starting with developer, It Pro and the business user.

If you can make your manager / supervisor approve your request you can go ahead in registrations

SharePoint Conference Registration

This is a place for networking & socializing with the industry leaders that come along with SharePoint like K2, Nintex, Avepoint, Bamboo and many more., 

Last but not the least, this is happening in Las Vegas, you can also club your holidays along with your conference. So you have both official and also personal reasons to cherish! 

Happy SharePointing!