HTC Might Launch An Android Smartwatch This June

Rumors of an HTC made smartwatch have been going around for quite some time. In fact, in the build up to last year’s HTC One M9 launch, it was expected that the company will announce an Android Wearable device or a smartwatch of some kind, along with the 2015 all metal gold-tinted flagship model. Instead the company went on to unveil Vive VR headset along with a fitness band. Now it seem that the smartwatch plan is about to be fulfilled.
In a tweet referencing an earlier rumor, Evan Blass also stated that a smartwatch from HTC will arrive in the week of June 6. It was expected that HTC would launch the wearable in April but clearly, (if the information is accurate) the plans have not worked out.
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The reason for the delay has not been provided and it is likely that it is not that important, although it could signal that the device is not of high priority to the company. On the other side it might be possible that it’s really important, and HTC is quite obsessed with making sure that the device is perfect before announcing it.
As far as the features and specifications of the HTC smartwatch goes, we do not know much about this particular rumored device. However, it is been expected to come with features which are quite similar to the 360 x 360 round display of the Huawei Watch and most likely it will include Qualcomm’s recently-announced Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip for wearables.
It will be really interesting to see how HTC will approach their Android Wear market, if at all. We will keep you updated to any news related to this rumored watch.