HTTP/gRPC Server Streaming For Cloud Run Now Available

HTTP Streaming support in Cloud Run brings significant performance improvements.

Recently, Google announced the availability of server-side HTTP streaming for the serverless applications running on Cloud Run.
Server-side HTTP streaming allows your Cloud Run services to serve larger responses or stream partial responses to clients during the cause of a single request, enabling quicker server response times for your applications.
Cloud Run can now send responses larger than the previous 32 MB limit. You can now run gRPC services with server-streaming RPCs and send partial responses in a single request.
Server-side HTTP streaming also enables Cloud Run to respond with server-sent events, which users can consume from their frontend using the HTML5 EventSource API.
Source: Google
Use cases for server-side HTTP streaming include streaming large files from your serverless applications and long-running calculations that can report using a progress indicator.
"Streaming support in Cloud Run brings significant performance improvements to a certain class of applications, and this is just the beginning—stay tuned as we work hard to enable more features in Cloud Run." Wrote Google