Hyperledger Rolls Out Sawtooth 1.2

Sawtooth 1.2 brings full support for the PBFT consensus engine.

Recently, Hyperledger announced Sawtooth release 1.2, which brings full support for the PBFT consensus engine and for mobile application development with new SDKs for iOS and Android.
Sawtooth 1.2 also features transaction family compatibility with Sawtooth Sabre, enhanced performance & stability, improved documentation, better support for consensus algorithms, and overall platform refinements for better developer experience.
Hyperledger Sawtooth team said that the dynamic consensus interface, which was introduced in Sawtooth 1.1 enables easy integration with consensus engines. Sawtooth 1.1 covered support for PoET, PBFT, and Raft consensus.
Sawtooth 1.2 features Sawtooth PBFT 1.0, which, according to the team, is the preferred consensus for small-to-medium networks - it’s leader-based, non-forking, and fast. PBFT gives you the safety and liveness guarantees that are necessary for operating a blockchain network with adversarial trust. 
The latest release also brings support for mobile development with the addition of a new Swift SDK for iOS and improved Java SDK for Android. You can refer to new tutorials and SDK reference documentation for Swift and Java to write native mobile client applications for Sawtooth.
According to the team, all core transaction families are now compatible with Sawtooth Sabre release 0.4.0.