IBM Brings Cognitive Computing Closer To Masses

IBM releases SmartCloud Analytics Predictive Insights tool and BLU Acceleration for Cloud, the preview version. A move that helps IBM promote cognitive computing.

In its effort in beef up the analytics software and big data tools, IBM has announced at its Information on Demand annual conference that it will release a chain of updates to it.

IBM wants the masses to benefit from the ever-increasing data sets by promoting cognitive computing. A major support in its noble idea is its new product SmartCloud Analytics Predictive Insights tool. This IBM tool spots trends and patterns in real-time by sifting data present in enormous amounts.

The latest announcements and the series of releases from IBM is an effort to be at par with the Microsoft and the Amazon Web Services and push forward its pace in cloud computing and analytics services.

The Big Blue claims that this tool will prove to be immensely valuable in tracking the hindering issues slowing productivity. IBM, currently pushing the cloud, also believes that it can act as a great help for organizations that need to track and trail IT requests.

The SmartCloud Analytics Predictive Insights tool is a part of IBM’s SoftLayer cloud service package.

IBM has announced another new tool that intends to make the cloud storage infrastructure of an organization more efficient. The new tool SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center has been designed to stock and analyze data types. This tool works in a move to lessen or eradicate manual processing. The software spots data types and learns patterns in order to increase storage efficiency.

IBM is already using the software and says it has reduced its storage expenses by 50 percent.

IBM has also launched BLU Acceleration for Cloud, the preview version as a step to take the data analytics services, also, to the cloud.

BLU Acceleration for Cloud allows access of the in-memory database analytics services of an organization in an easier way.  

Senior vice president at IBM, for Software and Systems, Steven Mills, regarding the fresh developments says, “As the value of data continues to grow, the differentiator for clients will be around predicting what could happen to help transform their business with speed and conviction,” He further added, “IBM’s latest set of solutions allow clients to help predict customer behavior and outcomes with speed and ease, all delivered from the cloud.”