IBM Releases Elyra Extensions To Jupyter Notebooks

Elyra AI Toolkit is a set of AI-centric extensions to Jupyter Notebooks.

Recently, IBM announced Elyra AI Toolkit, which is a set of AI-centric extensions to Jupyter Notebooks. Elyra AI Toolkit is an open-source project that extends the JupyterLab user interface, simplifying the development of data science and AI models.
This initial release of Elyra packs a Notebook Pipelines visual editor, ability to run notebooks as batch jobs, hybrid runtime support and Python script execution capabilities within the editor. Moreover, the solution also includes notebook versioning based on Git integration as well as reusable configuration for runtimes.
Source: IBM 
IBM said that Elyra offers a visual editor for building Notebook-based AI pipelines and hence simplifies the conversion of multiple notebooks into batch jobs.
The Canvas user interface that enables the pipeline visual editor was originally developed as part of IBM Watson Studio and is now being open sourced as part of Elyra. So, existing IBM Watson Studio and IBM SPSS Modeler users should feel comforable with Elyra.
IBM said that Elyra takes advantage of the work that IBM has done with Jupyter Enterprise Gateway in order to enable Jupyter Notebooks to share resources across distributed clusters such as Apache Spark, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.
The solution simplifies the task of running the notebooks interactively on cloud machines. It allows you to use the power of cloud-based resources that enable the use of specialized hardware such as GPUs and TPUs.