Ideas Section Now Open

Today, C# Corner has opened the Ideas section again so that you can voice your great ideas with us to improve C# Corner.

C# Corner is a people’s community and we are thankful to all who have given us ideas and suggestions to improve year by year. It was your fabulous support that has made us grow into the great learning platform we are today, with nearly 3 million members and over 5 million visitors per month.

Today, we are opening the Ideas section again. Through the Ideas section, you can voice your great ideas with us to improve C# Corner, get feedback on your idea, engage in dialogue with our team, as well as vote on other’s ideas that you would like to see in the C# Corner website and applications.

As a community member, you can post your ideas in the same way that you post forum messages, add comments, and show support to other’s ideas by voting. For information about previously submitted ideas, you can visit here. You’ll find that we have already implemented many of the ideas shared by community members while still working on some. Last year, we implemented over 20 great ideas that we will discuss during the C# Corner Annual Conference 2018.

The C# Corner Ideas section offers great transparency and also provides visibility to what other community members are asking for, with the ability for you to show your support (votes) and help refine it. While there is no guarantee that your ideas will be accepted, the C# Corner team will actively monitor the community and provide updates as needed. These updates are visible to all community members so anyone can track the status of the ideas.

Don’t have a C# Corner account? Go here to create one.

We encourage you to share your ideas, vote for your favorite ones, and enhance existing ideas with your feedback and comments. Also, your feedback on the new Idea process is very welcome – please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think!

Thank you!