IE9 is Fast, Secure and Reliable on Windows 7

In this post you will get information about Internet Browser 9 which is fast, secure and reliable.

As you know IE 9 is the new version of Internet Explorer web browser. It is provided by Microsoft on March 2011. IE 9 is mostly used in Windows 7. IE 9 has many feature like as it supports CSS 3 properties and HTML 5 video. IE9 is the browser designed to give Windows 7 users the fastest, safest, and most private browsing experience. IE9 is build specially for those person who want to get fast speed, privacy and security on internet browser and there is also the support for HTML5 and industry-leading hardware acceleration, which makes the web seem more beautiful.


The General Manager of Microsoft Ryan Gavin said "Internet Explorer is the browser that respects your privacy and puts you in charge”. When you browse with Internet Explorer 9, your sites load fast than other known browsers. Ryan Gavin also said “we believe real world scenarios around page load times are the right way to measure how you experience a faster Web while you browse." Internet Explorer 9 on Windows 7 to deliver a graphically richer, faster, and more responsive web experience. Industry-leading security helps keep networks and workstations safer.