Ignite UI 9.0.0 Is Here

Ignite UI 9.0.0 arrives following Angular 9.

Recently Infragisitics announced the release of Ignite UI 9.0.0, which combines the dependencies update to Angular 9.
Infragistics said that it offers both the most complete UI toolset on the market for Angular developers and a rich chart collection. Ignite UI 9.0.0 helps you in data analysis by making adjustments on the fly or by just highlighting a specific group of data.
Source: Infragistics 
Slider tick marks brings a new and more appealing way for data visualization, like a particular timeframe, days of the week and more. Also, it is very adjustable, with regards to the control over positioning and orientation of the tick marks and tick labels.
key features and improvements in 9.0 include:
  • Master-Detail Style Visualization,
  • Carousel Enhancements,
  • Container Instance for Excel-Style Filtering and Advanced Filtering,
  • Footer Element,
  • Access All Data When Calculating Summary Per Column,
  • Collapsible Column Groups Feature,
  • Grid State Persistence Available 'Out of the Box',
  • Drag Ghost Directive for Custom Row in Grid,
  • Theming Widget
  • Bootstrap Theme
To learn more you can visit the official website.

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