Increase your productivity with Visual Studio 2010 webcast

Preseted by - KolkataGeeks Kolkata Geeks announces Online Web casts for the community. We think, the community is not for people who participate to the community only in person. There are a large number of people who belong to us but lives in the eco system outside Kolkata. Kolkata Geeks announces online webcasts to address those people and connect them through online Livemeeting and get in touch with our community. We will contact online technology leaders and produce best sessions for you.

You can be a superproductive developer you can speedup your coding, typing and remembering shortcut keys. Best you can take 100% of VS but if you want to take 150% output with VisualStudio there are other ways too.

Join the session to know “How to be superproductive with VisualStudio”.

The Target Audience :  Level 100 - Level 300 (Developers)

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Speaker - Amit Choudhary
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