Ingress Support In AWS App Mesh Now Available

Recently, AWS announced Ingress support in AWS App Mesh
AWS App Mesh is a fully managed service mesh that offers application-level networking to facilitate connectivity between your applications through multiple types of compute infrastructure. It standardizes how your services communicate, gives you end-to-end visibility and ensures that your applications are highly available.
Till now, App Mesh features could have been applied to inter-service communications only, or what is often referred to as east-west traffic within the network. Now, with the introduction of ingress support in App Mesh, developers can extend the configuration of App Mesh features to the north-south traffic coming into their mesh.
Ingress within App Mesh is configured via two new constructs in App Mesh: Virtual Gateways and Gateway Routes.
  • Virtual Gateways facilitate access to services within your mesh outside of your network
  • Gateway Routes define the rules for routing inbound traffic to virtual services within your mesh
Here, a virtual gateway is affiliated with a specific mesh, and each virtual gateway can have one or more gateway routes linked with it. Traffic is configured to route to one of two virtual services via the gateway routes, and ultimately on to virtual nodes. These virtual nodes represent your application services.
Source: AWS
Traffic flows on the wire from the internet-facing load balancer and into the Envoy proxy acting as the gateway. From there it’s routed via the mesh - optionally including virtual services and virtual routers -  to a destination virtual node, landing with your application services based upon your configuration.
Source: AWS
To learn more about working with Ingress Gateways in AWS App Mesh, you can visit the official blog here.