Install Apps From Google Search Results Without Opening The Play Store

Google keeps on testing numerous new features in the search results, which will help in simplifying users’ tasks. The new feature, which was spotted by Android Police, allows users to install and download apps directly from the search results, without opening the Play Store. Everyone is not getting this particular option right now, and it is probably because it is in the early stages of its wide rollout.
When users search for a particular app from the Google app, the first result which will be shown will be the summary of its Google Play listing, showing the app icon, rating, and brief summary. Tapping on the free button, which is present next to the developer's name, will open the Play Store.
Image Source: Android Police
However, those who have got the new feature will be presented with the Play Store pop-up which has screenshots, install button, and other information. Tapping on the installation button will bring up the permissions page, with the usual "accept" button for the downloading to start. From here, the app will download in the background, while the search result will show a spinner denoting the in-process download.
A few users have reported seeing this new feature. This new feature only works through the Google app, and not from the search results in Chrome. Recently, Google has added more features for app discovery to search on Android. There is also an option which will only show app search results from the Play Store.