Instana Brings Deep Inspection Of GraphQL Queries

Instana introduces a new extension to monitors GraphQL and the applications making use of the data query engine.

Recently, Instana announced the extension of monitoring and tracing capabilities for applications using GraphQL as part of their infrastructure, including deep inspection of GraphQL queries.
Instana claims that this extension has made Instana the first APM provider to monitor GraphQL and the applications making use of the data query engine.
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Source: Instana 
"By monitoring and tracing GraphQL performance in addition to the application, Instana provides the exact data needed to optimize the performance of GraphQL queries." said, Chris Engelbert, Developer Advocate at Instana.
According to Instana, its automated Application Performance Monitoring solution discovers all application service components and application infrastructure, including GraphQL, Jenkins, Kubernetes and Docker.
The extension automatically deploys monitoring sensors for each part of the application technology stack and traces all application requests, without the need of any human configuration or even application restarts.
The extension detects changes in the application environment in real-time. It adjusts its own models and visualizes the changes and impacts to performance in seconds.