Instana Introduces Jenkins Monitoring

Recently, Instana announced Jenkins monitoring solution.

Recently, Instana announced that it is going to provide Jenkins monitoring for builds and the Jenkins Stack in Instana's application performance management (APM) solution.
Jenkins, an automated Continuous Integration (CI) tool, helps facilitate Continuous Deployment (CD). It automatically builds software when triggered. Among multiple ways to trigger builds with the most common methods are post-commit and on a schedule.
Jenkins has been written in Java language and can be extended via several plugins. These plugins, created and maintained by the community, offers a range of functionality from unit testing, to security, to compliance reporting.
Source: Instana
Peter Abrams, Instana co-founder, and COO, said, "A common theme amongst Instana customers is the need to deliver and deploy quality applications faster, and Jenkins is a critical component of that delivery process...The latest monitoring addition to Instana’s automated APM solution for dynamic microservice applications moves up the deployment process to tackle application builds and deployment."
According to the company, the updated tool automatically deploys monitoring sensors for application technology stack and trace all application requests without requiring configuration or application restarts.
To learn more you can visit the official blog here.