Intel and Oracle collaborating to help enterprises succeed

These days enormous amounts of data is being generated and has exceeded millions of bytes of data per second. Intel and Oracle are collaborating to help businesses in providing an infrastructure to capture big data in all its form. For this, right Oracle tools would be used to create the foundation for big data analytics innovation.
Oracle and Intel partner 
Michael Greene, vice president and general manager of Systems Technologies and Optimization at Intel Corp stated:
"Collaboration in the open source community provides ways to address broad big data issues and provide solutions for common big data infrastructure challenges that many can leverage. So, with the work Intel is doing with Apache Hadoop software framework and our partnerships with Oracle and Cloudera, we are looking at how to solve issues with large-scale, data-intensive applications and how to get better solutions into the hands of those who need them".
He also stated the following on how is Intel enabling its big data strategy through partnering work with Oracle:
"We consistently work with leading data analytics providers such as Oracle to build high performance, secure, and cost-effective big data platforms. But beyond the actual technology piece, working in tandem with Oracle allows us to analyze customer use cases to make sure our work truly considers the customer point of view. We understand that customers don’t necessarily buy software or hardware. They have problems to be solved, and they are looking to purchase solutions to these problems. We not only focus on today’s needs, but through our partnership with Oracle, we also work together to identify future business challenges".
For complete information on Intel’s partnering with Oracle for building big data platforms, visit the official link.

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