Intel Comes Up With “Merged Reality” In Project Alloy At CES 2017

The CES 2017 in Las Vegas has been a show dedicated to AR/VR enabled products, so far. Looks like almost all big market players have opened their doors to the new generation of advanced technologies, with products based on either VR/AR or IoT.
But, the leading technology manufacturer, Intel Corporation has gone a step ahead, in this row. The company unveiled the merged reality experience with its all-in-one Project Alloy headset that now allows multiplayer VR environment.
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The Project Alloy is being developed with a vision of offering wireless VR experience where there is no need of tethering the device to a PC. That means, the headset is a stand alone device, fully capable of all the computing built into it.
The Project Alloy headset is equipped with Intel 7th Generation Core Processor for computing, a battery for powering the device, a vision processor, a RealSense camera, and a fisheye lens and sensors to capture the surroundings and build the merged reality environment for the wearer.
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The company has defined Project Alloy to be the future of Virtual Reality, where multiple players can share the same virtual space an can actively work together wearing the all-in-one headsets.
Brian Krzanich, CEO of Intel, stated, 
“We are genuinely excited about Project Alloy and where this takes virtual reality.”
Brian informed about the shipping of Project Alloy too. He said that Intel’s top original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners will start shipping Project Alloy in the fourth quarter of 2017. 
You can visit the official blog for more details.

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