Intel Compute Card Unveiled

Intel is trying its best to establish itself in the market for connected appliances as well as other smart things. The latest effort by Intel in this particular area is the launch of its latest “Compute Card,” a small 94.5 mm x 55 mm x 5 mm slab that includes a CPU, GPU, RAM, storage as well as wireless connectivity.
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The main concept with the Compute Card is to separate the smarts of several appliances as well as computers, such as, all-in-ones, smart TVs, fridges, digital kiosks or signage screens, and commercial equipment, from the hardware. With the help of the Compute Card, you will be able to easily eject the old card and slide in a new one, instead of replacing the entire thing.
Intel has yet not provided with any specific information about the specifications of this device, neither do we have an idea about its speed – as it is the first Compute Card. Intel has informed that the processors which come with TDP of up to 6W would be able to fit inside the Compute Cards. This would go on to cover low-power Atom chips – such as Core M and Y series Core i5 and i7 CPUs, similar to the ones which can be found in laptops.
The company has also gone on to inform that the Compute Card can easily slide into a wider variety of enclosures which can be used in all kinds of ports and display interfaces, and at the same time, it comes with an array of performance as well as storage options.
Intel also informs that the Compute Card can run on Windows, Linux, as well as any other operating system which you are using on a low-end PC.
Intel will go on to reveal more information about the availability, specifications as well as pricing of the device in June 2017, and the Compute Cards are expected to be available in market, in “mid-2017.”

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