Intel is ready to kill Cable

Intel is spreading its business model outside of the processors. Earlier in year 2012, we saw Intel announced its Ultrabooks and later the ultrabooks hardware and processors are used by all PC manufacturers. Check out Top 5 ultrabooks of year 2012 here.

Rumors were that Intel is working on its own Tablet. Intel also announced 20-Atom Based Tablets. 

Now, Intel is eyeing the Cable industry. Comcast has become one of the top and largest companies heavily using its Cable and content delivery model. Microsoft, Google and Apple have their eyes on the cable business but have not found a way to break into this market. AppleTV and GoogleTV has not been able to make a little dent in this business. 

Maybe Intel is up to something big here. 

Kelly Clay, contributor to Forbes is reporting how Intel’s ITPV Service will do what Google, Apple and Microsoft can’t. That is build something so consumers can ditch cable TV. The new box supposedly will deliver movies, TV shows and more via the Internet.

You may read the complete story here >


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