Intel Launches RealSense ID

RealSense ID Facial Authentication is an on-device solution that unites an active depth sensor with a specialized neural network.

Recently, Intel unveiled Intel RealSense ID, which is an on-device solution that integrates an active depth sensor with a specialized neural network created to deliver secure, accurate, and user-aware facial authentication. The RealSense ID works with smart locks, access control, ATMs, point-of-sale, and more.

Source: Intel

Intel said that RealSense ID brings a highly accurate, natural solution that simplifies secure entry. It enables users to quickly unlock what’s important to them, using only a glance. The solution also adapts to users over time as they change physical features, like facial hair and glasses. It works in various lighting conditions for people with a wide range of heights or complexions.

The company claims that the on-device solution has built-in anti-spoofing technology that protects against false entry attempts using photographs, videos, or masks, and gives a one-in-1-million false acceptance rate.

Purpose-built for user protection, Intel said, RealSense ID processes all facial images locally and encrypts all user data. The system is only activated through user awareness and will not authenticate unless prompted by a pre-registered user.