Intel Medfield Chips Could Be Coming to U.S.

After releasing six Medfield-powered smartphone models in India, China, Russia, and the U.K., Techcrunch reports that Intel has confirmed eventual plans for an LTE-capable Medfield chip, possibly aimed at the U.S. market. 

intel 1.png

Sumeet Sayal, Intel's Director of Product Marketing, told Techcrunch that current Medfield chips do not support LTE, but that some LTE products would ship later this year and ramp up further in 2013. 

Though no comment was given on the exclusion of the United States market from Medfield-powered devices, the apparent reason is the growth of 4G LTE as a barrier to entry for companies such as Intel just beginning to enter the smartphone business. 

”We’ve just gotten into the game, since the beginning of this year," Sayal told Techcrunch's Natasha Lomas. "Right now we’re really comfortable with how we see our penetration — six products have now been publicly announced into the marketplace. There’s more stuff to come — but we’re not talking specific numbers.”

Sayal did reveal plans for a new dual-core Medfield chip with hyper-threading, allowing multitasking within single- or dual-core processors. While Intel plans to release quad-core Medfield chips in the future, Sayal's comments reflects the company's belief that hyper-threading could add as much to a chip's performance as the inclusion of multiple cores. 

The report at Techcrunch also discusses compatibility issues with Android apps on Intel-powered smartphones, which Intel believes are minor and limited. It is expected they will improve, particularly as Intel pushes forward and its level of smartphone commitment becomes clearer.