Intel Presents 22 nm SoC Technology

Last week, we reported on Intel's plans to cut the wattage on its Ivy Bridge chip series used in tablets, PCs, and Ultrabooks starting in 2013. According to a report from Reuters this morning, the company is also aggressively preparing next generation technology for smaller SoCs in smartphones. 

intel 1.png

Yesterday in San Francisco, Intel revealed that its next line of mobile chips will drop from 32 nanometers to 22 nanometers, boosting both power efficiency and performance. While the company already manufactures 22 nm chips for PCs, the process for mobile SoCs is more complicated and thus has taken longer to achieve adequate yields at cost. 

As reported yesterday, many analysts anticipate changes in the market for mobile SoCs that will likely benefit consumers in the long-run. As competition picks up between chipmakers such as Intel, Qualcomm, and ARM, pricing of components for device makers may begin to come down. The trend is also spurred by devicemakers such as Apple and Samsung increasingly bringing chip design in-house on high-end products.