Intel To Launch Vaunt Smart Glasses

Intel is all set to launch a new kind of smart glasses. The glasses are named Vaunt and the prototype of it looks like regular eyeglasses, as reported by The Verge.
 Source: The Verge
As for the details of these smart glasses, the glasses are made of plastic frames weighing 50 grams. These glasses work with prescription and non- prescription lenses without any equipped camera. More qualities include a low-powered class one laser with a processor, accelerometer, a Bluetooth chip, and a compass.
Source: The Verge
Though the glasses are not officially launched or announced in an exclusive demonstration with The Verge’s reporter, Dieter Bohn, the company has revealed all this information. You can watch the following video for full details.
Source: The Verge
The launch date has not been revealed yet but we can expect the glasses out of the closet soon. Well, it surely is a step forward from Intel to impose AR into our lives. With the simplest possible looks, the glasses have the potential to become the overnight sensation, as has happened with its prototype video.


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