Intel’s 4th Generation processor will revolutionise computing

A good thing for those looking to buy a new laptop, Intel launched its 4th Generation Core processor in India on Wednesday.

This will be a revolution in the computing experience for users.

Better screen resolution
Superior Graphics
Multidimensional, multitasking

And much more.

We’ve always envisaged the all in one not to be limited to the study. We have always thought of this as a platform which would sit on the kitchen bench or the lounge or the family room.

And the reason we envision that is that we see these multiple senses coming true, you can have scenarios where a child is doing their homework using the keyboard and the mouse, while the mother walks past and speaks to the device and the device responds to her and another child can gesture to the device and it does something as a function of that gesture. That’s the capability we expect and the Intel architecture is not just creating the sensor hub to turn on all the sensory capability but just the real performance to facilitate that happen.

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