Interesting points from Tim Cook’s D11 interview

All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg interviewed the CEO as a kickoff to their annual D11 conference being held in California. Cook discussed Apple’s position in the market and admitting the recent decline in stock value is frustrating, AllThingsD report.

He spoke about a future including Apple's "grand vision" for television, the potential of wearable technology, and the up-coming update to its iOS software.

Cook said that sales of Apple TV are increasing, totaling over 13 million, half of which have been sold in the last year. While refusing to go into Apple's plans for a television, Cook admitted "there is a grand vision."

When asked on his thoughts about Google Glass, Cook said that he seen some positives in the product, and thinks that wearables are “incredibly interesting.”

Although refusing to comment specifically on Apple's plans in the wearable tech market, Cook admits that he sees it as "a very important branch of the tree," likening the sector to the iPhone and iPad in its ability to drive the company forward.

Tim Cook is extremely pleased with his decision to get rid of Scott Forstall and hand over the iOS look and feel to the brilliant designer mind of Sir Jony Ive.

Tim Cook also announced that former EPA administrator, Lisa Jackson, will be joining the company reporting directly to Cook. Jackson joins Apple to co-ordinate the environmental policies right across the company.

While Cook declined to comment on future products, he did say that he would be rolling out the future of iOS and OSX during Apple’s annual developer conference, WWDC, in two weeks. 

Watch Full video of Tim Cook D11 interview here.


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