Introducing New and Improved C# Corner

Thanks to our dedicated developers and designers team, we are able to present before you a lighter, more efficient and a better functioning C# Corner website.
Our developers and designers have dedicated endless hours in making C# Corner lighter, to ensure that you are able to access our website whenever and wherever you are, however sort of internet connection you have at that time, and whatever device you are using to access C# Corner. The new and lighter homepage will now load at anytime, at any place, and on any device, upon your need.
Well, the list has just started. Let’s move on to have a look at what other exciting changes have been made by us to make your experience better and efficient.
Social Integration
From now on you will be able to login to C# Corner via your Facebook or Google accounts. Hence, you do not need to remember a lot of IDs, which in turn will make your life simpler than before.
Prioritized Sections
To prioritize the information displayed on the home page that might prove to be more helpful to the visitor, we have rearranged the FEATURED section and have placed it above the BREAKING NEWS section.
Filtering Information
Keeping in mind your need of accessing your desired information as quickly as possible, our team has now incorporated the facility of filtering the information available on our website. Henceforth, use the filter placed beside the RECENT ACTIVITY section, and the information will be made available to you faster than before.
New and Improved Registration Page
While trying to login to C# Corner you will come face to face with our new and improved registration page. As mentioned above as well, you can now login using your social networking IDs.
In addition to that, once you have logged in to the C# Corner, you will notice that the Edit Profile has also been worked upon to make your experience much easier. With the Edit Profile Picture section located at the top the page, you need not scroll down anymore. The process of changing your profile picture have also been smoothened to the extent that you can now change your profile picture in a flash.
Modified Resources Comments Section
The comments section has always supported comments from a single user till now, but not anymore. Yes you have read right. We have expanded the overall viewing experience of the comments section. Simply put, a single comment box comprising a specific comment will now support multiple comments from different users.
In the comments section, a single comment box with a specific comment will from now on display: 
  • Your specific comment made on the topic
  • 3 latest comments made in replies to your specific comment
  • Comments in replies made at earlier times (by clicking on REPLY)
You will be able to view all the three sub-points mentioned above in the same, single, comment box upon the specific comment.
Our team is dedicated in making the user experience of C# Corner better and happier each time. We invite you all to explore the modifications and the new additions we have made to C# Corner. We believe you will love it.

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