Ionic React Hooks Launched

Ionicframework launches Ionic React Hooks, a companion project to Ionic React for hardware and APIs.

Recently, Ionicframework announced the release of Ionic React Hooks, which is a collection of React hooks that act as wrappers around the Capacitor APIs, as well as some other Ionic platform-specific features.
Ionic React Hooks aims to make accessing device hardware in Ionic React projects using Capacitor as straightforward as possible for React programmers. It makes it easier than using Capacitor by itself or through another framework.
Ionic React Hooks 
It works as a companion project to Ionic React that makes tying into device hardware and APIs a breeze in an Ionic React project.
According to the Ionicframework, using Ionic React Hooks, developers will be able to start accessing device hardware in just a few lines of code, all while coding in a familiar React paradigm.
It is easy to add Ionic React Hooks to an existing Ionic React Project
First, enable Capacitor in your Ionic React project:
  1. ionic integrations enable capacitor  
Next, install Ionic React Hooks and PWA Elements.
  1. npm i @ionic/pwa-elements @ionic/react-hooks  
This first version of Ionic React Hooks is of beta release, with only a few of the Capacitor APIs.