iOS 10 Now Available

Its iOS day, today! Apple has released their latest mobile operating system for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. When the latest iOS 10 was announced 3 months ago, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook described it as the “biggest release ever” for iOS users.

In this update, you will notice several new and remarkable changes, which include security enhancements, new version of iMessage at its own App Store, new powers for Siri, along with a new redesigned home screen, better notifications, and many more.

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Removal of some stock app
The latest iOS 10 now allows you to uninstall some of the stock apps, such as Stocks. The process or removing it similar to that of removing any other app, all you need to do is just tap and hold the app icon, till you are able to see a small cross button, after that you can remove the app from the Home Screen. You are now able to remove around 23 apps, for more information, check here.
New notification features
iOS 10 also features a new redesigned Lock screen with 3D-touch which goes on to enable notifications that offer more information, and a more easily-accessible camera along with a new widgets screen. The Control Center has also been redesigned, with support for 3D Touch, along with a new Raise to Wake feature, which wakes up the screen without bypassing notifications. If you wish to check your notifications without pushing buttons or by going straight the lock screen, use ‘raise to wake’ feature.
One can view "Press Home to open", as Slide to unlock is gone and is replaced with simple instructions. iOS 10 is going to change your daily iPhone routine, as it fixed all-too-common issue of blowing past lockscreen notifications, when you hit the fast TouchID home button.
This feature is only available on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE and the new models, and you can easily go on to disable it through Display & Brightness in the Settings app.
To check vital information, you are not required to dig around the home screen and layers of app menus. The ability to clear all of your old notifications with 3D Touch is the best change to iOS 10 notifications. With iOS 10, it's super easy to clear away expired alerts.
If you go on to get an alert, while you are busy in another app, you can now drag down on it so as to open it up in a pop-up window at the top of the existing app.
Siri now more efficient
Siri is now more functional in iOS 10, all thanks to Siri SDK, which allows developers to go on and build Siri support into their apps. You will now be able to ask Siri to do things like summon an Uber or send a message on WhatsApp.
It is now possible for you to search photos through apps like Shutterfly and Pinterest with your voice, thanks to Siri. Moreover, you can start, pause and stop fitness workouts with MapMyRun, Runtastic etc. With Number26, Square and Alipay or start a VoIP call, Siri can also help you to send money to friends.
More features in messages along with new emoji
The messages have been renovated with new features such as bubble effects, background animations, and rich links and Digital Touch. The sketching feature was first introduced on Apple Watch, which allows users to create drawings as well as annotate photos and videos. In message, you will be able to see new features, such as handwritten notes, hidden “invisible ink” messages, quick “Tapback” replies, and bigger emoji. There is also a new predictive emoji feature which goes on to suggest words which can be easily replaced with an emoji.
Apple has added 100 new emojis in its iOS 10, and now you will be able to find colorful pictures which would reflect all your mood and feelings. Several of the new icons would go on to give you the options of male and female version of existing emoji, however there have also been some new emojis addition, such as rainbow flag and also single parent family. You will also be able to see some new designs in the current icons. Tap on the emoji button on your keyboard in order to see them.
The users can now use 3D Touch to show hidden menu actions, as pressing hard on a calendar invites alert and you'll be able to accept or decline it and one can immediately respond to messages as soon as you pick up your phone, without even leaving the lockscreen.
Camera can now launch faster than before
Here, is another tip related to lock-screen. Whether you are using raise to wake in order to see the lock screen or pressed the sleep/wake button, instead all you need to do is swipe to the left which would allow you to go straight into the camera from where you can start clicking pictures immediately. In iOS 9, you had to swipe up on the camera icon; however, this is a bit easier. There is however, no way yet for you to turn off this particular feature, however access to your photo library is blocked when the camera app is launched in this particular manner.
Turn on or off read receipt for each conversation
In iOS 10 you can now turn read receipts on or off on your pre-conversation basis. Tap on the “i” icon, which is available on top of any conversation and you will be able to view a new Send Read Receipts switch and you can easily toggle it on or off. This will however, only work with iMessage threads and not with standard SMS messages.
Make sure that you are getting enough sleep
The latest iOS 10 Clock app coim es with new Bedtime features which has been designed to help you get into bed and out of bed at the same time, everyday, which is better for your body. The Clock app will ask you, what time you want to wake up and on which days, along with the number of hours that you would like to sleep. You iPhone will start buzzing when it’s time for you to go to bed, and it will go on to encourage you to keep your sleeping patterns as regular as possible.
Find where your car is parked
Apple Maps now remembers where you have parked your car, so that you can go back to it, without wasting your time walking up and down the streets, or a huge car park. Everything, now works automatically. When you stop driving, and park your car, Apple shows a notification, which stated that it has dropped a pin at that relevant location. Using this particular pin, you will be able to navigate your way back to your car. It also comes with the option of adding a photo too.
Unsubscribe from mailing lists
Apple, has also gone on to improve the Mail app in iOS 10 and it now comes with the introduction of an Unsubscribe link for emails, which comes from the mailing lists. Seemingly, the app scans the message for any mention of “unsubscribe.” All you need to do is tap on the blue shortcut link, and then confirm your choice on the next pop-up and Mail will be send a message on your behalf, informing the sender that you are no longer interested in receiving the mails.

Stop anywhere along the way
The latest updated iOS 10 mapping tool will also go on to provide you with live traffic information during your journey. You will be able to zoom in and out and pan ahead so as to check for queues, and if you go on to tap on the route summary panel, which is available at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to search for and also add a nearby food stops or gas stations along the way. Once you have made the detour of your choice, Apple Map will go on to return you to your original journey.
Remove music that you never listen to
Another, new feature in iOS 10 is Optimize Storage heading. This feature is available in the Settings. If you have an iCloud Music Library enabled, turn this toggle switch to the on position, and iOS 10 will scan the local copies of the tracks which you have not listened for quite some times, and delete it.
Smart search in photo
Apple informs that it now packed some intelligence picture processing features into iOS 1o so that the Photo app can now more readily find what you are looking for, may it be a plce, person or date. You can also try queries, such as “sunset” or “landmark” or “beach” so as to try the new Photos feature. The app is now more efficient and it goes on to make highlight reels of your pictures and videos, based on particular times and dates.
Changing the intensity of the flashlight
In iOS 10, you will now be able pull up the Control Center and press on the flashlight icon, and you will be able to see an intensity menu, which would allow you to select low, medium or high. However, this option is only available for phones, which comes with 3D Touch, and hence, you will need an iPhone which will support this particular tech.

More expressive messages
Messages also has its own Messages App Store, which allows the developers to create apps which can now be used in iMessages. Apps now add almost unlimited capabilities to Messages, from sending stickers and GIFs to making payments so as to make collaborative dinner orders.

Apple music gains a fresh new look
Apple Music has now gained a new fresh look for iOS 10, but there is not much of an upgrade in terms of its features. However, one addition, which has been made, is the lyric option to the menu available on the Now Playing screen. Tap on the three dots in order to view it. It is however, important to notice, that not all lyrics attached to them at the time of writing; hence, if you are not able to see this particular option, it means that it is currently not available for that particular song. If you enjoy karaoke, then the option is available, and you can easily go on to use it.
Manage you smart home
A dedicated “Home” app is now available for the HomeKit devices, and it is now possible to delete almost all the pre-installed apps which are not needed. Photos now come with features that are impressive facial and object recognition capabilities, which go on to power new Memories features for recovery of forgotten moments.
Copy and paste between various devices
With the latest introduction of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra, Apple is also bring in a new feature known as universal clipboard. You will now be able to copy anything from your Mac and paste it on your iPhone, or vice versa, as long as you are signed into the same Apple ID on all the devices, which are involved.
Get your voicemails recorded
Another improvement made with the Phone app is the voicemails which are automatically transcribed for you. All you need to do is go to the Voicemail tab of the Phone app, and together with your missed calls, you will be able to view transcription (or the message “transcription not available”). However, this service is still in beta.
Type in multiple languages easily
If you need to type in multiple languages on your iDevice, then it is more easy with the latest iOS 10, as you will now be able use them simultaneously. From General in Setting, open Dictionary, select the required languages and go back to the Keyboards in order to add matching keyboards. Autocorrect and text prediction will take the entire keyboard into account as you type. Press long on the globe or emoji icon in order to switch.
New features in iOS 10 for developers
iOS 10 has been announced at WWDC 2016, and it has introduced a wide range of changes for Apple developers, who want to spread the system in various different and exciting ways. It is important for you to note that in order to build apps of iOS 10, you will first need to download the beta version of Xcode 8.
Working with iOS 10 would require you to code using Swift 3 unless you specifically request 2, 3.

Extend iMessage with stickers and many more
The Messages app has now come of an age in iOS 10, and Apple has gone on to introduce a big collection of APIs to allow you to extend it in any numerous ways. Such as, editing pictures online, making payments, playing games and so on. This incredible and most probably among the single largest feature for developers which has been introduced.
Similar to Maps extensions, you will be able to provide a custom user interface inside Messages by using the MSMessagesAppViewController class. However, if you want to create an interactive messages, which is, messages that live inside a session that goes on to share across multiple users and which can be updated as a group, which you use MSSession and MSMessage, and now users will be able to collaborate so as to modify the same message several times.
MSMessage comes with a built-in support for expiring messages, such as just setshouldExpire to true to have the message be deleted after a short span of time.
However, if a user sends a message by using iMessage app extension and their receipt does not have your app installed than the iOS places a link directly in the Messages, which allows them to install the app, so that it can easily be spread.
If however, you are looking just to provide your customer stickers, you can use MSStickerBrowserViewController so as to simply create custom sticker browser, or even simpler, create a simple sticker pack without writing a line cod by using the sticker app template in Xcode.
One interesting features is that the new Xcode 8 Simulator comes with a developer mode which allows you to see both sides of the conversation, which would make debugging easier.
In order to get started with custom Messages app, use the dedicated Message Application template in Xcode. This produces an app, which exists only as an extension, and it will not have a home screen icon. When you run it inside the debugger, it will immediately ask you to launch the Message app, so that you are able to interact with it.
Custom messages are sent by encoding your data as URL inside MSMessage using key value pairs of URLQueryItem. The customMessage query items are silently attached to the message, and it is only for your app to see and not for the user. Instead the users will only be able to see the subtitle inside the messages UI.

Animations returns
iOS 8 introduced additive animations, which even though quite powerful will go on to make it a little harder so as to create complex animations without messing things up. iOS 10 has redecorated animation in an amazing way, you will now be able to have finer grained control over your animations, which includes the ability to pause, resume, stop and scrub through animations for any animatable properties, such as positions, alpha, transform and many more.
The main class is known as UIViewPropertyAnimator, which allows you to create resuable animations and trigger them whenever you want. This animator acts directly on views you specify, and exposes things, such as startAnimation(), pauseAnimation(),fractionComplete, and more.
Transcribe speech with SFSpeechRecognizer
iOS 10 comes with speech recognition built right in, successfully revealing a subset of Siri functionality so that you will now be able to act on user speech yourselves.
This is done using several classes: SFSpeechRecognizer, which manages the whole process, SFSpeechURLRecognitionRequest allows you to request transcription of an audio file at a URL, and SFTranscription gives you back the transcription ready for display or processing.
It is important for you to note that SFSpeechRecognizer does not handle audio recording, and hence you will need to use something like AVAudioRecorder in order to capture some audio first.
If you have some audio which you want iOS to transcribe, you should be able to import the latest Speech framework. For that you will need to add NSSpeechRecognitionUsageDescription key to your Info.plist file, describing to the user how you intend to use speech transcription.
Apple states,
“When you adopt speech recognition in your app, be sure to indicate to users when their speech is being recognized so that they can avoid making sensitive utterances at that time.”
iOS 10 has introduced User Notifications framework (UserNotifications.framework), which goes on to support the delivery as well as handling of local as well as remote notifications. You can use the classe of this framework so as to schedule the delivery of local notifications which ahs been based on specific conditions, such as time or location. Apps and app extensions can also be use this particular framework so as to receive as well as potentially modify local and remote notifications whenever they are delivered to the user’s device.
Apple has also introduced User Notifications UI framework (UserNotificationsUI.framework) in iOS 10, which allows you to customize the appearance of local as well as remote notifications when they appear on the user’s device. You will also be able to use this framework so as to define an app extension which receives the notification data and provides the corresponding visual representation. You extension will also be able to respond to custom actions associated with those particular notifications.
For certain kinds of apps such as calling, messaging, payments, photos, workouts and ride booking, you will now be able to hook directly into Siri. This would allow iOS to work with the subset of possible spoken grammar.
SiriKit supports services in the following domains:
  • Audio or video calling
  • Messaging
  • Sending or receiving payments
  • Searching photos
  • Booking a ride
  • Managing workouts
  • Adjusting settings in a CarPlay-enabled vehicle (automotive vendors only)
  • Making restaurant reservations (requires additional support from Apple)
When the user goes on to make a request involving your service, SiriKit sends your extension an intent object, which goes on to describe the users request and provides any data related to that particular request. You can also go on to use the intent object so as to provide with an appropriate response object, which includes details of how you handle the users request. Siri will typically go on to handle all user interactions; however, you can also use an extension so as to provide custom UI which incorporates branding or additional information from your app.
SiriKit will also go on to provide mechanism which you will be able to tell the system about the interactions and activities which occur within your app.
Apple in its official blog states,
“SiriKit defines an interaction object, which combines an intent with information about the intent-handling process, including details such as the start time and duration of a specific occurrence of the process. If your app is registered as capable of handling an activity that has the same name as intent, the system can launch your app with an interaction object containing that intent even if you don’t provide an Intents app extension.”
Ride booking is now supported by Maps and Siri, and users will also be able to make restaurants reservations with Maps. Your intents extension handles an interaction which originates from the Maps app in the similar manner that it handles requests coming from Siri. If you however, go on to customize the user interface, UI extension can also configure itself in a different manner, depending on whether the request came from Maps or Siri.
For more information on what’s new for developers in iOS 10, check here.
Steps to update to iOS 10
When you are ready to update, make sure that you are connected to wifi and that your phone is either charging or it has more than 50 percent battery.
Now, go to settings and press ‘general’ then click Software Update, and after a few moments you will have a better and more secure phone.