iOS 11.1 Released

Apple has rolled out iOS 11.1 today with various improvements and bug fixes. This is the first major update to iOS 11 since its launch in September. The new version, i.e., iOS 11.1 includes some breaking changes that include -

  • Apple has added more than 70 new emoji icons to the set of emoji characters including food types, animals, mythical creatures, gender-neutral characters, clothing options etc.

  • Apple had removed the 3D Touch option in iOS 11 that was used to open the app switcher but because of its usefulness and huge criticism from users over this, the company has decided to add it back.

  • The Wi-Fi functionality in the new iOS 11 was reported to be malfunctioning. Well, Apple has released a patch for fixing the Wi-Fi vulnerability with the new iOS 11.1.

Apart from these major changes, Apple has involved some minor fixes and improvements to make the newly released iOS11 more stable, such as - a fix to the issue of blurry images, fix for iCloud backup restoring issue, and fixes for the VoiceOver feature for better accessibility.

The software update is available to download for the users having supported iPhone and iPad devices. If you are new to Apple devices, you can visit here to learn how to update.