iPhone 7 Rumored To Be Sleekest And Strongest

Rumors has been going around even before the new Apple’s iPhone 7 is unveiled, which suggests that the technology is now focusing on producing stronger, sleeker and waterproof device.
One of the biggest rumors which is going around about the new iPhone 7 is that Apple is planning on removing the headphone jack from the device. Instead the headphone will be connected to the device via Bluetooth or lighting port. This step is being taken in order to make the device sleeker than it’s precedes.
A lightening port for headphones on the iPhone has been speculated since 2012; hence it seems that the users might see the rumors finally coming true.
According to some sources, it has been reported that the company is also negotiating with Samsung and LG, Apple’s provider of screen, in order to make a switch from liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, which is currently being used on all the iPhone, to OLED.
The rumored release date of iPhone 7 is September or October of 2016, hence the company has ample time to work on the device.
Another change which is being rumored is that the new iPhone 7 will support waterproof technology which is quite similar to Samsung, Sony and other smartphone giants in the market, hence, to stay in the competition Apple will need its new iPhone to be waterproof.
According to the rumors, the new iPhone 7 would be waterproof to IP68 standards. The available smartphones are normally, waterproof to IP67, which means that they will be able to resist water for 30 minutes, and only if submerged within the depth of 1 meter.