iPhone 7 Rumored To Come In Silver And Space Gray

The iPhone leaks keep coming, and the latest suspected spy shot shown, looks like an assembled device, which most probably might be the cloned one, based on the leaked designs which have came to surface way ahead of the launch of the new iPhone 7. A video from an unknown source have come up on a Chinese website Weibo, via techtastic.nl and it shows a phone with similar design to the previous leaks.
The device shown in the video, goes on to show quite a lot of characteristics that we have seen in earlier photographs allegedly showing next-gen iPhone components. The most noteworthy feature, we can see in the video, is that the larger camera opening has been included. The new iPhone 7 is rumored to come with a new and improved camera system. The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack along with the redesigned antenna line, which are repositioned from across the back of the device to along the edge, are the so-called changes in the new device.
Quite a few leaks have shown an even larger camera opening than the one present in the video, along with other features, such as  removal of the mute switch, and Smart Connector. The larger camera opening might be reserved for a dual-camera system, which is being expected in the new iPhone 7. However, in the video, the mute switch is present.
There has been some evidence that Apple might be considering a darker option for iPhone 7, but the leaks, available till now, have only provided us with pictures such as the current gold, rose gold, space gray and sliver.
Yesterday, we saw a separate leak, which claimed to show Apple’s new Lightening EraPods for iPhone 7. Another rumor claimed that the new iPhone 7 would go on to include a slightly larger battery compared to iPhone 6s.