iPhone 7 Rumored To Feature A Slightly Larger Battery Compared To iPhone 6s

At this point in time, there is now a general idea regarding several features which we are expecting to see in the upcoming iPhone 7. However, along with the numerous features, many people have also been wondering about the size of the battery.
Twitter leakster OnLeaks claims that the iPhone 7 will feature a 1960mAh battery, which is a slight upgrade from the 1715mAh battery found in the iPhone 6s. It is quite noteworthy, seeing that the iPhone 6 actually came with a larger 1810mAh battery compared to the iPhone 6s.
Image Source: twitter.com 
At the moment, it is quite difficult to say how prominent this change would be in terms of the battery life, seeing that there will be a change in the components which might be more power hungry. If the power capacity of the  1877mAh Apple Smart Battery case increases usage by 8 hours, as claimed by Apple, it would be put at essentially one hour of usage at a 235mAh battery. Hence, with the new iPhone 7 being said to feature a 1960mAh battery, it seems that there would be an additional increase of 1 hour of battery life.
It is still quite unclear at the moment, what kind, if any, battery improvements the upcoming iPhone 7 will feature. If it sees the same 14.2  percent increase which the 4.7-inch model sees, we can expect it to move from 2750mAh to around 3140mAh. However, it does not seem quite likely, that the changes will be similar in terms of a percentage change. For all those wondering, iPhone 6 Plus had featured a 2915mAh battery.
Improvement in the battery life is something which all iPhone users have been demanding for quite some time, but Apple has not paid much attention in that particular area. Instead, it has gone on to release a battery case for iPhone 6/6s last year, so as to appease the users.
The information that was leaked regarding the battery size is quite reassuring in that there is a possibility of the iPhone featuring an improvement in the battery life. We will however, have to wait for Apple to unveil the new iPhone 7 for the actual confirmation.