January Update For Visual Studio Code Released

The software giant Microsoft has released the January update (v1.31) of Visual Studio Code with a number of significant updates.

Team Visual Studio has published the monthly release - January 2019, version 1.31 - of the cross-platform IDE. The January update comes with the usual plethora of bug fixes, tweaks and new features, with the special focus on the extension mechanism that empowers the open source project.
The key highlights of the January update include -
  • No reload interruptions when you install new extensions.
  • Tree UI improvements including improved Explorer navigation and filtering, horizontal scrolling.
  • Main menu updates including Redesigned Go actions menu, Edit menu Cut command.
  • Now you can see full multiline issue details in the Problems panel.
  • Find All References history - Quickly rerun previous reference searches.
  • Semantic selection for HTML, CSS, and JSON offers to expand/shrink selection based on language semantics.
  • Terminal text automatically reflows as panel width changes.
  • Command-based user input variables - Custom user input for task and debug configuration.
  • Updated Extension API documentation which is completely rewritten with extension guides.
The company said that the ability to install extensions without forcing a reload of VS Code has been one of the most upvoted feature requests and the same has been addressed in this release. Now, developers are no longer required to reload VS Code when installing or enabling an extension. And, reloading is also not required while uninstalling or disabling an extension (if it is not activated).
Network proxy support for extensions such that the setting Http: Proxy Support (http.proxySupport) will now enable network proxy support for all extensions by default.
Now, all extensions run on an updated version of the Electron platform that powers VS Code, which comes with update from Node.js 8.9 to v10.2.0.
Extension authoring updates include a new change event; the ability to open resources in a browser; a new global storage path "ExtensionContext.globalStoragePath" which points to a local directory with write/read access; and more.
The team said that it has pushed the widget game to the next class, a new tree widget has been developed to address performance issues and provide more features in several workbench areas such as: improved keyboard navigation, hierarchical select all, customizable indentation, expand/collapse all,  and horizontal scrolling.
To see complete details of the updates, you can visit the official blog here.