Japan Now Included In HoloLens Family

HoloLens is now available in Japan, and pre-orders will start from December 2 onward.

Hololens is now available in Japan.
Microsoft in its official blog states,
“Today, I am excited to welcome another country to join us on our holographic journey. It is my pleasure to welcome Japan to the HoloLens family!”
Image Source: blogs.windows.com
It was just last month when Microsoft made the HoloLens Development Edition along with HoloLens Commercial Suites available in Australia, Ireland, France, Germany, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.
Now, Japan has also been added to the list. Pre-orders will go on to start on December 2 from Microsoft Stores exclusively while the shipping of this small wonder will start in early 2017.
Microsoft goes on to say that the developers and the users have been doing great and inspiring work with HoloLens, globally. Japan is among them because some companies have already started working on it. For example, Japan Airlines is already using HoloLens for innovation. It has developed two proof-of-concept programs that enable it to provide supplemental training for engine mechanics, as well as for the flight crew trainees who want to become co-pilots.
Microsoft states,
“We are very excited to have them on this holographic journey with us.”