Java 13 Is Now Generally Available

Oracle rolls out the official release of Java 13.

Recently, Oracle announced the official release of Java 13, at its Code One conference.
Till now Java 13 was available in early access preview to give developers the opportunity to try the new version out before using it in their production code.
The latest release comes with three new Java Enhancement Proposals (JEP) i.e., dynamic CDS archives, the ability to uncommit unused memory, and a reimplementation of the Legacy Socket API.
JAVA 13 
Source: Oracle 
Here, Dynamic CDS archives brings improvement to the usability of the Application Class-Data Sharing feature. It will help improve startup times.
Java 13 allows unused heap memory to be returned to the operating system or container.
Finally, Oracle has also brought reimplementation of the Legacy Socket API. With Java 13, the API is much easier to maintain, debug, and prepare for user-mode threads.
The release contains two preview features as well i.e Switch Expressions and text blocks.
Switch Expressions lets switch to be used either as a statement or an expression. And, text blocks are multi-line string literals that automatically get formatted in a predictable way, which gives you better control over code format.