Java turns 20

Today, Oracle and the community celebrate 20 years of Java.

Java, created by James Gosling in 1996 at Sun Microsystems is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. In 2010, Oracle inherited Java when it acquired Sun Microsystems. Today, Oracle and the community celebrate 20 years of Java. Notes from a press release published by Oracle:

“Java has grown and evolved to become one of the most important and dependable technologies in our industry today. Those who have chosen Java have been rewarded many times over with increases in performance, scalability, reliability, compatibility, and functionality,” said Georges Saab, vice president of development, Java Platform Group at Oracle. “The Java ecosystem offers outstanding libraries, frameworks, and resources to help programmers from novice to expert alike. The development of Java itself occurs in the transparent OpenJDK community. With the considerable investment from Oracle and others in the community, we look forward to the next 20 years of Java’s evolution and growth.”

“Fujitsu recognized the utility of Java in IT systems as soon as it first became available, and even now we are working to promote its applications. Java is used across industries in Japan owing to it being so highly compatible and offering such excellent productivity,” said Yasushi Fujii, vice president, Application Management Middleware Division, Fujitsu Limited. “In future ICT, mobile and cloud technologies will deepen the relationships between people and between individuals and companies, helping to create a society that is ever more Human Centric in nature. We expect that Java’s continuing evolution will lead to further ICT development and a changing society, and look forward to working with the Java community to develop Java technologies.”

"IBM is celebrating Java's 20th anniversary as one of the most important industry led programming platforms spanning mobile, client and enterprise software platforms. IBM began its commitment to Java at its inception over two decades ago, and has seen the Java ecosystem and developer community bring unsurpassed value to the investments our clients have made in their Java based solutions,” said Harish Grama, vice president, Middleware Products, IBM Systems. “IBM looks forward to the next 20 years of growth and innovation in the Java ecosystem including Mobile, Cloud, Analytics and Internet of Things."