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Prentiss Knowlton was teaching C# courses in the UCLA Extension program when he came upon a book entitled Murach’s C# 2008. He found the book to be a real help in teaching C#. But he also realized that the content matched up well with his C++ course, regardless of whether his students wanted to learn C++ 2008 or native C++.

So Knowlton contacted publisher Mike Murach & Associates and offered to write a C++ text for them. The result is the just-published
Murach’s C++ 2008.

Knowlton’s goal in the book is to teach C++ 2008 as quickly and easily as possible by using the time-saving features of Visual Studio 2008. It’s designed to work for Java developers who want to learn C++, for C# or Visual Basic developers who want to master another .NET language, for C++ developers who want to move into .NET, and for programming novices who are learning C++ as their first language.

The book provides a quick-start by showing developers how to design, build, and test their first Windows business applications using Visual Studio and C++ by the end of chapter 3. Then, it builds on that base to teach all the C++ essentials, including handling numeric, date, and string data; working with loops, arrays and collections; coding methods and event handlers; validating data and handling exceptions; and working with text, binary, and XML data.

Along the way, developers get an in-depth course in object-oriented programming. That means they’ll learn to write their own business classes for 3-tier programs. And they’ll learn how features like polymorphism, interfaces, and generics really work.

The book ends with a chapter on legacy C and native C++ code. Author Knowlton, who started coding in C in the 70’s, has tested code from that era in Visual Studio and found that it runs without any changes. That means that legacy applications can be ported to Visual Studio 2008, and that tested, debugged code can be used to build new applications. As a result, the final chapter shows how to compile, run, and enhance legacy C and native C++ code on the .NET platform.

The book is done in Murach’s signature "paired-pages" format, where each topic is presented in a 2-page spread. The righthand page is a reference summary that gives syntax, screen shots, and bulleted guidelines, while the lefthand page provides the tutorial and additional perspective. This makes it easier to find needed information with less reading, saving time for both training and reference.

Murach’s C++ 2008 is available directly from the publisher at www.murach.com and from all major retail outlets.


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Cyndi Vasquez
Mike Murach and Associates
4340 N. Knoll
Fresno, CA 93722-7825
Phone: (800) 221-5528, Ext. 18

Murach’s C++ 2008
Author: Prentiss Knowlton
Pages: 570        ISBN: 978-1-890774-54-7        Price: $52.50 


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