Just published: Murach's HTML, XHTML, and CSS

Mike Murach & Associates has just published a new book entitled Murach's HTML, XHTML, and CSS.

This book is designed for beginning web developers and for web programmers who need to add to their value by improving their HTML skills. But it's also a guide for anyone who's ever been frustrated by the slow pace and gaping holes in the other HTML training they've tried.

So the book starts with a quick-paced, 6-chapter crash course that shows how to create web pages the way professionals do: using HTML or XHTML to provide and structure the page content and CSS to format and lay out the content on the page.

In doing so, it nails down a lot of the details that are often glossed over or ignored in other courses. So by the end of the first 200 pages, even newcomers to the subject will be creating sophisticated multi-column pages using CSS layout features like the box model, floating elements, and relative positioning.
After the crash course in section 1, the remaining chapters can be read in any sequence, depending on what you want to do next. The 7 chapters in section 2 present the HTML/XHTML/CSS skills that you're going to find yourself wishing you had as you develop web pages. That includes skills like:
  • adding audio and video to enhance the web experience 
  • formatting web content for printing and for mobile access 
  • providing forms to collect user inquiries or information that can then be processed on the client or server side 
  • using tested JavaScript routines for enhancements like image rollovers, image swaps, and slide shows that can be implemented on the spot 
Then, section 3 rounds out those skills with 2 chapters on web design and deployment, including how to get a site indexed on the major search engines and directories.

The book is done in Murach's signature "paired-pages" format, where each topic is presented in a 2-page spread. The righthand page is a reference summary that gives syntax, screen shots, and bulleted guidelines, while the lefthand page provides the tutorial and additional perspective. This makes it easier to find needed information with less reading, saving time for both training and reference.

Murach's HTML, XHTML, and CSS is available directly from the publisher at www.murach.com and from all major retail outlets.


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Author: Anne Boehm
Pages: 496        ISBN: 978-1-890774-57-8        Price: $44.50