Keyshare Technology Announces “Selfie Drone" Kimon At CES 2017

Keyshare Technology has shown the world an all new way to take selfies. The company, at the CES 2017, has announced Kimon “selfie drone.”
This selfie drone has eliminated the standard selfie limitations, such as small photo area due to the length of your arm or your selfie stick, and it will deliver good quality photos at quite an affordable price.
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Kimon can easily be controlled with a smartphone app, which comes with one-touch takeoff, hovering, landing, and returning. It comes with several different shooting modes which go on to include photography, video recording, burst mode, slow motion, and time-lapse photography. Also, one the best features of this drone is the six different selfie modes to meet your different shooting needs.
  • 360 –degree Circling Selfie
  • Indoor Selfie
  • 45-degree Beauty Selfie
  • Follow-me Selfie
  • Panoramic Selfie
  • Simple Selfie
The company states,
“Whichever mode you select, it can always capture impressive moments for you.”
Kimon is lightweight mini selfie drone that is foldable and retractable, and can easily fit into your backpack. It comes with replaceable battery, with high-definition 16-megapixel camera which supports 4K 25 FPS (frames per second) video recording.
The Kimon will be available at a price of $400 and will come in five colors. It can operate for 15 minutes in a single charge.

Seems great ! Let's wait and watch what other great innovations will pop their heads this year.