Kite Adds Support for 11 New Languages

Kite’s AI-powered completions is now available for eleven new languages

Kite Launches Support for 11 New Programming Languages.
Kite, launched in 2019, is an AI-driven code completion tool that predicts what you’re going to type next.
It only supported Python at the time of launch. Earlier this year, it added JavaScript. And now it is launching support for 11 new languages.
Source: Kite
The newly added languages are Java, Kotlin, C/C++, Objective C, TypeScript, Scala, C#, Go, HTML/CSS and Less. Kite supports popular IDEs, including VS Code, all Jetbrains IDEs, Sublime, Atom, JupyterLab, Vim, and Spyder.
"Kite writes about 175 “words” of code every day for our more active users, and as we make the product smarter that number will only go up." said Kite "Kite gives you more relevant completions, intelligently ranked. It filters completions to only show you what’s relevant, drastically reducing noise."
 Source: Kite
Kite works locally on your computer and is free to download.