Know Your MVP - Ankur Mishra

1. What is your name?

Ankur Mishra but you can call me ‘Yugal’.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hmm… I don’t know about myself, what am I exactly?

Entrepreneur, Engineer, Writer, Poet, Social activist or something else. But I know I’m an Aam Aadmi (Common Man), and have a revolutionary power of bringing about a Change. I always work for a change in all the fields and that’s why I have a long list of failures in the startups.

3. How long have you been associated with C# Corner?

I have been associated with C# Corner from the last 4-5 months. The two reasons that motivated me to join this community are: Dhanajay Sir and Mahesh Sir. Both the guys have always motivated me to exceed the best, not only in the technical field but also in the real life too. I feel proud to be with C# Corner’s energetic team.

4. What makes you to be a part of C# Corner?

I never wanted to be an Engineer and I am not working on many of the technical things either, but I have always loved Writing, that’s why I also enjoy Coding. A good writer or Speaker should be a good reader and a listener too; I have always tried to follow these words, hence I first try to be a good reader or a listener and the same goes for the writing or speaking as well.

As a writer here, I write HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript basics.

I love the behavior of the JavaScript, presentation of the CSS and the content of the HTML. So you can say that I am an ardent HTML5 Lover and soon want to be the expert.

5. How has C# Corner helped you personally?

As I have already mentioned above, the two guys of this community have always helped me directly or indirectly.

For coding, Google and books are my best friends. But the different Chapters of C# Corner have many good techies and portals itself that contain a lot of ‘Gyaan’ (Knowledge), so I don’t think I can explain the amount of help I get from the C# Corner Platform. All I can say is simply that it’s very helpful for me and will be for you too.

6. How has C# Corner helped you professionally?

Professionally the C# Corner’s monthly chapter helps me with the information about the Techie things. JavaScript Sessions have made me a lover of JavaScript.

7. How would you explain C# Corner to a young student?

Oh great, this one is one of my favorite Questions, I have always loved going to the School, College and to the Student life, especially at the lunch time. I always want to meet the college students. Although I am also a student, but I try to share all my ‘Gyaan’ (Knowledge) with them. The C# Corner portal has everything about the technology, you can grab A to Z from here, and you can also become Zero to Hero with the C# Corner Gyaan. The Team is always available for your help. The best thing about the portal is that ‘This is your Portal. By you, for You’.

8. Can you tell us a little bit about your family background?

I am from a small town of UP and we are a family of 4 members, me, my Idol my Papa, Mummy and a lovely Sister, who always want to see me as India’s bestseller Author and as you know, for this I Still struggle…

9. Can you tell us about your education?

Ah, finally, a very important question; I have completed my whole education, up to 12th, from the UP Board, and do you know I have always topped Mine School and I was also a District topper in the 10th and 12th…

After my schooling I did my graduation from ITS Engineering College, Greater NOIDA. And am presently pursuing an Online MBA from a FIRANGI (Foreign) College..

10. What do you do for fun?

I always enjoy my work. Whenever I’m not involved in my Professional work, I do some social work, write poetry or a tweet (@iAnkurMishra). My favorite thing for fun is messaging to My friends especially Girls. Traveling and thinking are also my favorite time passes. “Tea, Traveling and Tension” are my favorite 3Ts.

11. What makes you choose C# Corner as your community?

C# Corner is a Community “for Gyaan (Knowledge) by Gyaan (knowledge)”, Worldwide Chapters and techies make it more reachable to students and professionals. Everyone can write here, everyone can read here, everyone can watch here and everyone can test himself/herself. We can say that it is an online technical school, which is doing very well without taking any fees.

12. If you need to make one change to the C# Corner, what would that be?

All the chapters are doing very well and thanks for also starting the village tour, I take my Hats off for you guys for this.

But besides these areas, we are forgetting the College students. You should start college tours and monthly events for Engineering Students as well. According to my own survey, the Students are eagerly waiting for C# Corner College events.

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