Know Your MVP - Jean Paul

This week's C# Corner MVP featured is Jean Paul.

This week's C# Corner featured MVP is Jean Paul.

1. What is your name?

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself
I am 13+ year experienced in software development & currently working as SharePoint Architect. I love to work on SharePoint, C#, Reflection & Object Oriented programming. I feel happy being with community & writing articles and programs. From college days onwards I had special passion for programming, where I can easily spend 18 hours per day in front of computers.

3. How long have you been associated with C# Corner?

I have been around for 3 years. Dhananjay Kumar is my mentor who advised me to start with C# Corner. There I met great leaders & motivators, such as Mahesh Chand, Praveen Kumar and many more.

4. What makes you to be a part of C# Corner?

The leaders are transparent, optimistic, focused on helping people, nurture growth. So I have a base here in C# Corner & wanted to continue there.

5. How has C# Corner helped you personally?

The positive feedback from leaders and readers. They never make negative reinforcements! Their MVP Awards, Summits are rewarding & energizing.

6. How has C# Corner helped you professionally?

C# Corner provided me a Quality Base to start with article authoring, forums etc. The MVP Awards motivated me to achieve further & reach Microsoft MVP Award. I would like to thank C-SharpCorner for the same.

7. How would you explain C# Corner to a young student?

For a young student there are many career paths to choose from. If you choose to be techie & want to invest specifically in a technology then C# Corner is a good resource to start with. Plus if you share more, you will gain more knowledge. After a few iterations of writing articles, they can start posting in C-SharpCorner. The community feedback and queries should positively challenge them & grow further as an expert.

8. Can you tell us little a bit about your family background?

I was born in a poor family where I used to study in the light of the street :) Just kidding.. I was born in Kochi in Kerala. My father was a business man & mother a teacher. I have one sister. Currently I am living with my wife & daughter in Virginia.

9. Can you tell us about your education?

Education is something messy. I did a BS in Computer Science & later a part-time MCA which I cannot complete. 2 Years ago I completed one MBA :)

10. What do you do for fun?

I probably have a variety of fun - opening my Facebook account & blasting my views on Globalization, Communists, Stock Market etc. I love analyzing Stocks, I do hold a stock market analyst career a while back. In the outdoor activities, I enjoy Gym, Martial Arts, Yoga, Dance etc. & during summer Swimming (a new thing).

11. If you were the president or prime minister of your country, what would the first change you will make?

I believe India already has a Good Prime Minister (Yes I mean it & respect Dr. Singh) but somehow he is blamed for increasing prices forced by underlying situations. I believe the real problem lies in corruption, improper functioning of Government offices etc. reflecting in frustrations for citizens. So I believe if I were Prime Minister, I will train my lower leaders to positively support government sector employees so that they help the public better, energize them through rewards on good things, so the infrastructure is better, people are happy, no one is punished. That would be the first change I would make :)

12. What makes you choose C# Corner as your community?

Mahesh Chand is the leader who inspired me in 2006, He was the leader to say open heatedly that "Developers should write", until then I was writing only bugs :) So his words might have worked the magic. Later meeting Dhananjay Kumar in Chennai .. triggered my passion. So we are happy being with Lords. I believe they are advanced souls who choose the role of Technical Leaders in this life. Although we do not talk with them everyday, we watch them & enjoy the circle.. :)

13. Who is your favorite C# Corner member?

I am my Favorite :) Kidding.. I like articles of multiple people - DJ, Mahesh Chand, Karthikeyan, Destin Joy, Akkiraju etc. All are favorites. Plus I would thank Praveen Sir who is sitting silently & behind all the success of C# Corner & of course ours!

14. If you need to make one change to C# Corner, what would that be?

MVP Summit in Redmond, so I can attend :)